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Floral Design BLOG
by Lenore Thompsen Owner/Florist
& Angel Best Friend/Co-worker 

Saturday, October 3, 2020


I asked my dog, Angel, what the perfect gift for any occasion would be and of course, she said a puppy! What could be better than unconditional love? She had me there!

Aside from giving a puppy, I have come up with the Perfect Gift for anyone, your sister, mother, partner, wife, including yourself! or decorate your front desk or office with cheery flowers each month.

Seasonal Flowers delivered locally once a month for the most affordable price! $45 per month includes a beautiful seasonal arrangement delivered to Waynesville, Canton, Maggie Valley, Bethel or Clyde. Other cities available for additional delivery cost. Billed monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Examples of monthly floral design include: A silvery white New Years design, 1/2 dozen Red Roses in Feb., St. Patties Greens, Easter tulips, Mother's Day pinks, Summer abundance, Red/white/blue in July, a harvest wreath, Lovely Fall colors in Sept., a floral stuffed pumpkin, Thanksgiving centerpiece, and a Christmas centerpiece with candles...

Remind someone you love them every month of the year!! Where a puppy may not be appropriate, say it with FLOWERS!

 - Lenore and Angel 

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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

It's a Wrap!

Planning the details is one of the important jobs for a wedding florist. We spend much time with the couple discovering their favorite flowers and coordinating their wedding colors. Thought is given to the final small touches that make a brides bouquet unique, complete, and give it that finished look.

Handle wraps can be done in many different styles. Aside from the color and type of ribbon, there are choices to make regarding detailed wrapping techniques, adding pearls or jewels, and the cut of the flower stems.

Here are a few examples of popular stem wraps: As you look at photo ideas for your bouquets – take note of the ribbon and wrap details that catch your eye.

Criss-Cross with Color

Traditional Bow

Sparkles or Bling Accent

Curling Ribbon Ends

Simple Bow with Organza Bouquet Wrap

Satin Over-wrap in same or contrasting color

Pearls Down the Handle or Pearl / Rhinestone Pattern

The Ribbon Cuff

Cascading Streamers

An Angled Stem Cut often with Calla Lilies

Wrapped to the End (can no longer intake water – certain flowers will not work)

Bouquet Holders – lots of decorative styles – often used in cascades!

Like the final statement of the couples personality and style, their choice of bouquet wrap says whether they like a simple, sleek look, or a complicated twist with poof, or a chance to add more bling!

Finishing the flowers with a special wrap adds to the happy ending every couple dreams about. Talk to your florist about the many possibilities for your own bridal bouquet!

That about wraps it up!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

My mom knows flowers!

My name is Angel, I've been there when my mom works on wedding blooms....she loves designing! 

I keep her happy and calm because perfection is stressful. She cares so much about your wedding!

Every couple is unique and has a vision for their special day. Let my mom and me be a part of making your dreams come true.

Treats are welcome, Angel


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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Planning your wedding flowers....

An important part of planning your wedding flowers is considering your wedding date.  Most flowers are available year round, but if they are out of season in your area, it may cost more to bring them in from other parts of the world.


There are certain flowers that cannot be obtained out of season for any price, just a few, but if these are your absolute favorites, you’ll definitely want to keep that in mind when choosing the date! A quick call to your florist will solve any disappointment later on.


Locally grown flowers and in season flowers are more affordable and usually fresher, they do not have to make a trip, so to speak, and then rehydrate upon arrival. If a green environment is important to your theme, keep it local. Choose a color scheme instead of particular blooms. Leave some of the artistic details to your floral designer.


Always consider temperatures around your wedding date. If you plan to have a snowy January wedding theme and wish to take photos outside with your flowers, keep in mind that some blooms are not tolerant to cold conditions. Consult with your florist about which flowers can hold up, take the outdoor photos after the ceremony, or have your designer create a silk flower mock-up just for those chilly pics!


The same idea goes with certain blooms in the middle of August. Flowers that tend to wilt in the heat need to be conditioned ahead of time and must not be out of water for long photo sessions. Discuss with your florist, which blooms may be a problem and make substitutions that will last longer. An example is a balmy outdoor beach wedding, instead of stephanotis, choose white dendrobium orchids that love the tropical temps.


These tips will help you coordinate your wedding date with your dream floral look. Any questions, consult your designer or send me an email…I’d be happy to help with over 15 years of wedding flower experience – Lenore.


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